Battle Report: Marines vs Tyranids. 100th posts.

A Space Marines assault force led by Cpt Lysander with the aid of Grandmaster Kain met a force of Tyranids invasion force in the ruins of Crisps sector k. In their Land Raider, Cpt Lysander directs his forces forward and engages the Tyranids…

By the way, this post marks the 100th posts I have made on this blog.  This blog has my foot print as I play and grow in my gaming experience. So far I have mostly write about my games in battle reports. I hope to continue to write as often as I can.

Thank you for the support and I hope my posts will continue to contribute to the 40k community.

Brian’s Marines Roster
01 Cpt Lysander
01 Grandmaster (Force weapon/Storm Bolter, Psycannon, Psychic Hood)
06 Terminators (03 Lightning Claws, 03 Thunder hammer/Storm Shield)
01 Land Raider Crusader (Multi Melta, Extra Armor)
10 Scouts (01 Missile Launcher, 09 Sniper rifle, Camo-cloak)
10 Scouts (01 Missile Launcher, 09 Sniper rifle, Camo-cloak)
05 Scout Bikers (Sgt w/ Power fist, Cluster Mines)
01 Vindicator
01 Vindicator
01 Vindicator

Grimcron’s Tyranids roster v1.9

Mission: Seize Ground (04 Objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

Winning the roll, Tyranids deploys first.

Marines deployed second, combat squad all scouts and deploy the missile holding scouts into terrain near his deployment zone, and the other half within 19″ away. Than those scout moved closer by 6″ to be about 13″ away. Scout bikers scout moved behind the scouts.

I feel the Vindicators are deployed too far behind.


Tyranids moved everything closer. Both Tervigon spawned more Termagants. Shooting saw the Scout Biker reduced to 1 model and he passes morale check. Tyrannofex destroyed a Vindicator too.

1. Land Raider moved 12″ towards the Tyranids line and pop smoke.
2. 01 Vindicator failed dangerous terrain check and immobilized.
3. 2nd Vindicator successfully moved into terrain and shot some Termagants and a few died.
4. Some wounds are put here and there by other shooting but doesn’t kills anything yet.
5. Scout Biker assaults Termagant and got killed before he gets to swing the power fist.


1. Both Terivigon spawned more Termagants.
2. Tyrannofex immobilized Land Raider in shooting.
3. Vindicator is also stunned by Hive Guards.
4. Termagants on my left moved into the rigged terrain and the trap kills 4 Termagant. Failing morale check, they fall back 10″ towards the nearest table edge (out of synapse).
5. Termagant and Harpy on my top right assaults the nearest scout squad and won combat by 1.

Lysander and gang disembarked from Land Raider. Shooting saw not much damage. Lysander is out of assault range. In assault with the Harpy, the Scout squad is wiped.


1. Shooting are concentrated on the Terminators. Killing 1 Terminator.
2. Termagants formed a bubble wrap against my MCs to prevent unwanted assaults.
3. Harpy on my right flew up and assaults 2nd scout squad and they will stay tied up whole game.
4. 01 Tyrannofex shot the Land Raider but fails to hit (the Land Raider is within 3″ of an objective thus I have to try to destroy it to have a chance to claim that objective).

A lot of shooting at my Termgants wrap saw 1 died as they went to ground. Lysander gang assaults it and easily wipes the Termagant unit.


1. Shooting 2nd round at the Terminators from Tyrannofex, Harpy, Tervigon and Termagants saw the Terminators reduced to Cpt Lysander, GrandMaster(takes 1 wound), 1 Lightning Claw and 1 Thunderhammer.
2. 2nd Tyrannofex fails to destroy Land Raider in shooting.
3. Harpy and both Tyranid Prime assaults in, kills off all except Cpt Lysander. Cpt Lysander kills off 1 Tyranid Prime.

Since we are both running out of time, we fast forward and deduce what is going to happen.

1. Lysander will win combat and contest the bottom right objective.
2. Left Tervigon is out of range to claim the bottom left objective as I failed to roll high enough on my run.
3. Tyrannofex fails to destroy the Land Raider despite assaulting it at turn05 (rolling 1, 2, 2 on pen roll). Thus top left objective is contested.
4. Top right objective is secured by Tyranids with no contesting possible.

In summary, Marines 0 objective to Tyranids 1 objective.


  • Tervigon are awesome. Spawning almost whole game and I almost ran out of Termagant models.
  • Tyrannofex puts the pressure with 4x str10 shots every turn.
  • Hive Guards with 8x Str8 shots coming from nowhere.
  • The Grandmaster countered all except 1 pyschic test done by Tervigon whole game. Good work there.
  • I would have deployed Vindicators in a much forward position to be within range.
  • Scouts have infiltrated too close. They are not equip to be so close.
  • Tyranids basically out-gunned Marines.



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  1. Congrats on your 100th Post! I’ve been off the 40k radar for quite a while (long story – but has to do with parenthood). Keep ur footprints coming in!

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