Army List updates

Games are often played at a point level that seems to reflect the local tournament standard in my area. In 2008 it was 1500pts. Everyone was playing at that points level. In 2009, the tournament raised the game to 1750pts and we have been playing at that level ever since.

Once in a while you meet someone new. Often they are from outside country and they play at other points level, and those who are just starting out Warhammer 40K. Those points level are usually 750, 1000 and 1500pts.

All my current army lists are build at 1750pts so I will include and update my army list to the various points level.

The 1500pts lists are scaled down of my 1750pts lists. 750pts and 1000pts lists are build slightly different as usually there is more infantry models.

Why do I post my army lists online?

Transparency. I do not want to tailor my list and thus a fair game every time. In fact, you can tailor your list if you play with me. I am fine with that.

I will not posts the lists here else this post will get too lengthy so if you are interested to find out how my list looks like, you can click the link on the right panel under ‘My Army List’.

I welcome any questions on how I use my army list, why I use that unit and the synergy of the whole army.