Everybody loves Genestealers and have grown to have such a terrifying reputation that the mention of their name brings nightmare to their opponents. What makes them so terrible?

They kill what they assaulted.

With the release of 5th edition Tyranids codex, many has spoken out their disappointment in the latest Genestealer evolution. No more assault grenades and no more 4+ armor saves. Guess what? I didn’t use those biomorph even in 4th edition!

The newly evolved Genestealers now has a Broodlord to lead them in every brood and they can infiltrate. The Broodlord is nice and you are going to be paying 60pts for it (46+14 since you need to upgrade a Genestealer). The major lost for the Broodlord is it loses its power weapon attacks.

What am I saying all these for?

I am going to experiment with them. Taking out Harpies in my list to include 2 broods of 07 Genestealers with Broodlord and Toxin Sacs.

With infiltration, I can position the Genestealers in a threatening place. I can also out-flanked the Genestealers to pose a threat to rear vehicle pools. The Broodlord is included to give me a chance to penentrate Dreadnoughts armor should they get into a fight. In addition, the Broodlord can effectively shut down that power weapon by using its hypnotic gaze. Toxin Sacs are marvelous in my playing so far. Rerolls are king. The best of all, Genestealers are troops. Ignore them and they will win games for me.

Genestealers of course are not king of everything. Since they have no shooting capability, vehicles will always be a problem. Assaulting vehicles will only result in the Genestealers being vulnerable to be rapid fire to their deaths as they get no armor saves at all. That will bring the attention to their armor saves, 5+. So getting cover saves in very important to their survival.

All that being said, Genestealers infestation has already occurred and they are calling for the rest of the Tyranids. Beware! The Genstealers is coming for you!