Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Necrons

I was asked a game on friday 20th Aug 2010 by Mark and was requested that I field my Necrons against his Chaos Space Marines. I replied okay and we had the game yesterday (22th Aug 2010), and we had a blast.

Game level: 1750points
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

Chaos Space Marines
01 Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Nurgle)
01 Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Nurgle)
10 CSM (Asp Champ w/ Power fist, 01 Melta Gun, 01 Plasma Gun, Rhino)
10 CSM (Asp Champ w/ Power fist, 01 Melta Gun, 01 Plasma Gun, Rhino)
10 CSM (Asp Champ w/ Power fist, 01 Melta Gun, 01 Plasma Gun, Rhino)
05 Chaos Bikers (Asp Champ w/ Power fist)
02 Obliterator
02 Obliterator
01 Defiler (Battle Cannon, Ripper Autocannon)

Necrons won dice roll and gave first turn to Chaos Space Marines. 01 squad of Obliterator deepstriking.

Necron deploys Necron Lord only and holds 1 Warrior squad in reserves.


Daemon Princes met up supported by 2 Rhinos full of CSM. Chaos Biker turbo-boosting on my right flank. Obliterator and Defiler comes in on my left flank. No shooting.

Everything comes in on my left flank. Necron Lord activates solar pulse and lifts the Night Fight special rule. Heavy Destroyers shot Defiler and nothing happens. Destroyers shot Daemon Prince and dealt 2 wounds.

Obliterators deepstrike in on my right flank and shoots down 2 Destroyers. Daemon Prince and Rhino continues to press forward. Defiler continues its ordnance on Necron forces with warp fueled hatred.

Necron Warriors arrived from reserves and went to cover the right flanks of the Necron force. Heavy Destroyers fails to do anything to Defiler (I’ll just stop here in regards to Heavy Destroyers. They shoots Defiler whole game and didn’t do a dent. Warp energies are strong with Defiler!).  Destroyers and Immortals dealt 1 more wound on Daemon Prince. Necron Lord and Scarabs assaults Rhino and managed to removed it’s weapon.

Ignoring Necron Lord both Daemon Prince flies forward and one charges into the Immortals. Daemon Prince rips the Immortal to pieces easily. The Immortals are definitely being tested for their immortality! Obliterators and Defiler continues to reduce Necrons number with their fire power.

Scarabs turbo-boosted down to bubble-wrap the Warriors while Necron Lord assaults into a wounded Daemon Prince. Destroyers shot Bikers and kills 2 including the Champion.

Chaos Space Marines concentrated fire power on the Scarabs killing 2 bases from plasma cannon. Rhino delivered 02 plasma and 01 melta shot into Necron Warriors. Bikers assaults in to Scarabs, dealt 4 wounds and Scarabs retaliated with killing 2 Bikers. Necron Lord finishes off Daemon Prince. The other Daemon Prince finishes off the Immortals.

Destroyers takes rear shot at Rhino and explodes it. Shooting at Daemon Prince by Immortals and 2nd Destroyer squad proves ineffective. Lord assaults in and draws combat.

2nd Rhino moves towards the Destroyers, unloaded the guns and down 3 Destroyers. Failing to stop the Defiler, Heavy Destroyers moved up to let Defiler commit and kills 1 squad to allow the other to contest later.

Defiler easily kills off 1 Heavy Destroyer squad in assault. Last Heavy destroyer squad moves within 3″ to contest. Game will draw if ends now but rolling for game end result, game continues.

Failing WBB rolls, the left Warrior squad is utterly shot down, contesting Heavy Destroyer is shot and assaulted by Obliterator and Necron Lord lost its fight to Daemon Prince.

Necrons phases out on turn06 giving Chaos Space Marines total victory!


So hard to play Necrons now. Haha…

MVP of the game: Defiler. Despite facing 4 lascannon per turn, it survived the whole ordeal without a single scratch.

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  1. Don’t worry man the Necron’s time will come. Nice to see them in action. Given the increase in power levels of recent codex I shudder to face the next edition of the Necrons codex!

    P.S: Sounds like you had a bad time with the destroyers – that’s just life sometimes….chill

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