Battle Report: Space Marines vs Tyranids

Howdy! Had been busy for the past 2 weeks and hasn’t been able to get any games. Sad. Yesterday was a public holiday and I got a game with a new friend, Raymond Tan. He is playing Tyranids while I will be playing Space Marines.

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

Tyranids 1000pts Roster
01 Tervigon (Onslaught)
02 Zoanthrope
02 Zoanthrope
03 Hive Guard
10 Termagant (Fleshborer)
01 Tervigon (Catalyst)
06 Genestealer (Toxin Sacs)
05 Genestealer (Toxin Sacs)

Space Marine Strike-Force Burning Arrow (1000pts)
01 Librarian (Force Weapon/Bolt Pistol, Null Zone, The Avenger)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
05 Tactical (Bolters, Razorback: TL Lascannon, Storm Bolter, Dozerblade)
05 Tactical (Bolters, Razorback: TL Lascannon, Storm Bolter, Dozerblade)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons)


Tyranids deploys only Tervigons. Genestealers outflanking and Termagants in normal reserves.

Space Marines deploys Librarian with a squad of Tacticals in Razorback.

Using the powers of the warp, Librarian Stephen successfully shroud the Space Marines forces from detection by the Tyranids and launches a surprise attack (successfully seized initiative).


Space Marines enters the battle zone in 2 fronts. Spotting Tervigon on their scope, it took 2 wounds.

Zoanthropes reacted with coming in on my left (away from Librarian) and Hive Guards on my right. Tervigon spawned some Termagants. No shooting but just advanced.


Landspeeders zoomed up and flamed some Termgants. Concentrated fire-power on Zoanthropes killing 1 and putting 1 wound.

Feeling angry from the pain, it ordered Hive Guards to shoot down Librarian’s ride and wrecks it. Zoanthropes lanced 01Lanspeeder down.


Landspeeders moved over and flamed more Termagant and killed 01Hive Guard.

01 brood of Genestealers outflank on my left and wrecks a Predator. HQ-Tervigon continues to advanced. Hive Guards destroyed all weapons on Predator on my right.


With the Space Marines reduced in efficiency, they fallback and consolidated in the middle of the board. Shooting at Tervigon proves quite ineffective. Predator moved up to try block Tervigon from easy access to Marines objective.

2nd brood of Genestealers arrived on my left flank and assault Razorback and stuns it.


With the Tyranids so close, Dreadnoughts assaults into Genestealers and wipes a brood. 2nd Dreadnought assaults into Termagant.

Zoanthropes explodes Razorback. Termagants shot and together with HQ-Tervigon kills off the Tactical squad.


Sensing the battle tide has turned against the Space Marines, Librarian Stephen made a tactical retreat.

Game ended with Tyranids securing the zone and Space Marines made their tactical retreat. Victory to Tyranids.


  • Well played out by the Tyranids. Wasn’t able to shoot at HQ-Tervigon whole game due to LOS blocking terrain in the middle of the board.
  • Made some errors in deployment. Should have deployed into a flank and concentrate fire. This will also have a 1/3 chance to deny outflanking Genestealers.



4 thoughts on “Battle Report: Space Marines vs Tyranids

  1. Ray finally got his nids list up after many games against various armies. This is the 1st time he won I think haha.

  2. Yeah! Great battle report – certainly more detail than mine which will come soon!

    Btw, I won the tourney! Came in 1st hehehehehe and I have to thank each of you for “training” games we had!

  3. Great Report! Good to see you post (and play) again =)

    Congrats Ray. Looking forward to your battlerep and thoughts!

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