Battle Report: Tyranids vs Imperial Guards

Oh the mess up. I messed up. Suppose to be at Midpoint to play campaign but I didn’t read the SMS fully and went to Fusionpolis instead! Sorry Raymond.

Instead of eating the food as directed by the Greater Hive Mind, hive fleet splinter brood Ultimus ambushed a local Imperial Guards for food. Nom nom nom…

Tyranids Ultimus roster 2.1 1500pts
01 Tyranids Prime (Boneswords/Scything Talon)
01 Tyranids Prime (Boneswords/Scything Talon)
02 Hive Guard
02 Hive Guard
01 Deathleaper
10 Termagant (Fleshborer)
10 Termagant (Fleshborer)
01 Tervigon (Cluster Spines, Catalyst)
01 Tervigon (Cluster Spines, Catalyst)
01 Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae)
01 Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae)

Imperial Guards roster 1500pts
05 Co. Cmd Squad (01 Grenade Launcher, 01 Melta gun)
10 Platoon squad (01 Plasma gun)
10 Platoon squad (01 Plasma gun)
10 Veteran squad (01 Melta gun)
10 Veteran squad (01 Melta gun)
10 Veteran squad (01 Sniper rifle)
10 Kasrkins (01 Plasma gun, 01 Flamer, Chimera: Multi laser, Heavy flamer)
01 Leman Russ (Battle cannon, Lascannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Leman Russ (Battle cannon, Lascannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Exterminator (02 TL Autocannon, Lascannon, Plasma cannon sponsons)

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War

Imperial Guards deployed first.

Tyranids deployed next. Deathleaper ability ‘it’s after me’ is placed on Co. Command Squad officer and rolled a 6, giving it -3 to the officer leadership.

Tyranids attempt to seize initiative, SUCCESS!



Prime and Termagant that was deployed moved closer. Rest of the forces came on the board in the middle. Unfortunately, they all ran like 2″ max.

Leman Russes came in on the middle left. Normal guardsman combine into 1 big squad and moves in to the middle. Chimera with Kaskin on my extreme left. Shooting is quite ineffective due to Night Fight rules, killed 2 Termagants.

Tyranid 0 : IG 0


Deathleaper came in from reserves and deployed 1.5″ away from the veterans on my extreme right. Everything move as close up as possible. Shooting from Tyrannofex was ineffective, missed all shots. Hive Guards shot at company command squad, killed 2 but stays on.

Leman Russ concentrated fire on left Tyrannofex and took 4 wounds. Veterans on the right fired on Deathleaper and dealt 1 wound. Shooting at Termagants, also dealt 1 wound on Tyranid Prime.

Tyranid 0 : IG 0


Tyranid forces continue their slow march towards Imperial Guards.  Tyrannofex shot at Leman Russ and luckily wrecks it. Hive Guard shoots at Company Command Squad again and kills 2 more, failed morale check and fled off the table. Tyranid Prime and Deathleaper assaults a veteran squad each. Deathleaper wins assault and sweeped them. Tyranid Prime and Termagants win combat, and stay lock in combat.

Chimera moved 12″ forward. Shooting saw Tyrannofex down to last wound. Tyranid Prime wins combat and sweep the veteran guardsman.

Tyranid 4 : IG 0


Tyranid forces continues to move up as fast as they can. Tyrannofex opened fired on the combined squad and killed 4 guardsman. 2nd Tyrannofex fired at Leman Russ and stuns it.

Tyrannofex got killed and Tervigon took 3 more wounds from Leman Russ. Kasrkins disembarked from Chimera, shot and killed a few Termagants.

Tyranid 4: IG 1


Tervigon spawned 14 Termagants, moved and assault nearest veteran guardmans squad, wins combat and sweep them off. Hive Guards concentrated fire on Chimera and destroyed it. Deathleaper went back into reserves. Tyranid Prime and Termagants assaults into combined guardman squad, wins combat and stays lock in combat.

Kasrkin flamed the nearest Termagant and kills them off. Tyranid Prime wins combat and sweeps Guardsman off.

Tyranid 7: IG 3

Game ended.


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      1. pretty much EVERY squad needed a chimera.

        and it looks like the S4 forgot to request more meltas and plasmas from G4 also.

  1. Haha! No worries Grim. Next week we have a big battle so be prepared! I will send out an email to cover what I have learnt so far so do contribute!

    Great batrep! The commentary coupled with photos are perfect combinations. Now write for us at

    I’ll see you next week bro and do bring along your Tyrannofexes. It looks like we need 3!

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