Why do I play Warhammer40K?

I am taking a break from Warhammer40k at the moment. Busy with real life and it’s near Christmas. Things to do and things to be done. I am sure almost everyone can feel the advent season is upon us. The decorations at the malls, the sales going on at almost every store and the food. As I took some time on the bus to work, I asked myself why do I play Warhammer 40,000?

I picked up Warhammer 40k around 4th quarter of 2007. A good friend of mine started a store selling Games Work Shop games and has been encouraging me to pick the hobby. I rejected at first due to the hobby aspect of the game. Need to assemble and paint. It’s not my cup of tea, you know. And of course it is quite expensive. An average server working at McDonalds get paid around $4.00/hr, and blisters are selling around $30 each (just for reference). With higher education, we get better paid jobs now but still… it is still expensive hobby. Nonetheless, I decided to support my friend business and bought myself a Necron battle force. Why Necron? They are easy to paint. That’s how I started Warhammer 40k.

The challenge of the game kept me in the game thereafter. I search for forums to learn more on the game. To memorise the rules and tactics around. How and why people build their list. Basically, how to win in 40k. This ultimately net me a powergamer.

Some players eventually shun playing with me as they feel they have no chance to win. I put on a ‘game face’ of seriousness and correct them of their mis-understanding of the rules. This lead me to earn another hat of rules lawyering. I am playing by the rules by the way. I learn that often people do not like to be corrected. Thus I purposely down play my games. I choose to build armies that is ‘under-powered’. I some times purposely choose to make the wrong decision just to add some ‘fun’ in the game. I tell myself to smile and joke more, to poke fun of little things etc. But me being me, I don’t lose very well yet. 😛

I like competitiveness of Warhammer 40k. It keeps my brain running on high gear as I figure out how to best turn a losing situation into a winning one. How to enjoy and win the game within the limits set by the game. I sign up for all tournaments that I know of (when I am able).

On a good point, I get to know friends whom I can never get the chance to know. From students to professionals of all fields. It’s like a good networking tool to play Warhammer40k suddenly.

Now that I am taking a break, it is good to know that I am recharging myself. Reflecting back the past experiences I had. And going forward, I will be back with a stronger passion and better attitude towards our favourite game, Warhammer 40k.


5 thoughts on “Why do I play Warhammer40K?

  1. It can be tough when you’re playing a different level from your local crowd, especially when the vibe is you’re doing something wrong rather than considering that, perhaps, they could benefit from more effort.

    Unfortunately, there are no rights and wrongs, just people. A break might be just the thing you need!

    Take care – Brent

    PS: I’ve been enjoying Mark II Warmachine lately. It makes for a good interim game.

  2. Its good to take a break from the hobby, you will come back with stronger enthusiasm for the hobby and enjoy it more in other ways.

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