Cheap trees

Ever since I started Warhammer40k, I have been on the constant lookout for items that can be used on the tabletop. Trees are always on my to-look-for item. So much so that my wife knows and she spotted these trees at the mall and told me to check it out. Bless her. 🙂

Christmas is a good time to look out for trees but they are all too large or unsuitable. With this golden find, I quickly bought 4 to try out.

Although the trees are sparkling and standing at 7″ tall without the star, I had a simple plan to transform it into a tabletop worthy tree.

  1. Remove the star.
  2. Shake off loose sparkles.
  3. Paint the base black.
  4. Paint the tree trunk brown.
  5. Most importantly, a coat of matt varnish.

A simple project that doesn’t take more than 15mins (minus the drying time).

Oh ya, found the trees at ‘John Little’ in Jurong Point Mall, $4.90 each and additional 20% discount.



4 thoughts on “Cheap trees

  1. Hey man great find! Buy more!! I need to grab some for the terrain at my place. Any chance you can pick me up like 10 trees?

  2. Those trees look very good and no need to fix up. I pass-by Jurong pt a few times 2-3 wks ago, even ate there last wk. Should had read your post earlier and buy some trees.

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