2010 to 2011

The new year is here. Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011.

2010 is a milestone year for me. Many changes happened. Career change, address change (got me new apartment), Tyranids release (major codex changes), church ministry etc. All in all it has been a great year. I like to thank and praise God for His mercy and grace. Thank you my friends for being my friend and hope we all have a wonderful 40K year ahead. 😀

2011 promise to be a good year where I hope Necron codex will get release. Necrons are afterall my first love and army. Although I can only hope GW will release Necrons this year but I will not get my hopes high due to past disappointments. More importantly, I want Necron codex to be well polished with clear rules on release rather than a rush job to meet a deadline.

I have recently started playing Warhammer Online again during my leave from work. I am playing on Iron Rock server and I am playing a Warrior Priest. Patch 1.4 rocks. Since I am playing the game with my wife, we are enjoying the game very much.

Nonetheless, I will try my best to publish at least 5 posts per month for 2011.

Thank you and hope YOUR 2011 is a good year. May your dice always roll true.