Dark Angels FAQ Jan2011


What a wonderful gift GW has given us at the start of this year! Dark Angels FAQ 1.1 releases with updates to all Dark Angels wargear to match the current Space Marines Codex.

As someone mentioned before this update is a year late and should have release along with the launch of 5th ed Space Marines Codex. I couldn’t agree more. Dark Angels players have suffered injustice! But no more.

As people have shared their views on the mighty interweb about what this brings to Dark Angels, I must say I agree with most of their opinion. Deathwing/Ravenwing has become more viable but by no means the ultimate winning armies to play. Normal tactical squads are still under-par as compared to Space Marines Codex for points efficiency. In a nut shell, the bonus Dark Angels get are Deathwing and Ravenwing armies.

With that in mind, I am thinking of updating my current Deathwing army to reflect the changes. Stelek has posted a 2000points list on YTTH, fielding thunderhammer Deathwing Terminators with cyclone missile launchers and supported by minimum size ravenwing squad wielding melta guns and multi-melta. Others as I have read so far, are fielding similar lists all changing their Deathwing Terminators to the thunderhammer variant.

I will try my hand at creating an army list in the next few days.


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