Hibernation almost over

Hello my friends

My house is finally almost ready to move in! It’s been a busy month in March 2011. In order to save on renovation cost, some stuffs you can do yourself, you do yourself! Painting, co-ordinating, self-assembly of furnitures (from Ikea of course) etc.

No renovation is without its problem. My wardrobe doors had 1 wrongly installed. Walls are damaged here and there, and need to be patched/touch-up. Kitchen top won’t be installed immediately due to their backlog of jobs. Shower screen …. erm… you get the picture!

At this point of posting, carpenters are installing the last of my floor to ceiling cabinets. Plenty of cleaning to do after that before we can really move in. Exciting times.

As normal, I have dedicated about 4feet of display cabinet for my warhammer 40k models! Woot! And naturally, a designed living room to play Warhammer 40k in! 😀 I’m excited.

Hope to get back into the game as soon as possible, and trash some Greyhunter butts.


6 thoughts on “Hibernation almost over

  1. Awesome! Sounds like you’ve got the ultimate bachelor pad and a very understanding wife! LOL! You’ve gotta have a 40k party!

  2. @Ray: Yeah! Will definitely organize 1 if yhe guys don’t mind the location. Lakeside MRT, 10-15mins walk. i have a direct bus to your place too! Bus 30. Takes about 45-60mins ride 🙂

    @Kenny: of course! As long as you dun mind travelling to my place, which is even further now. Bus 154 stops nearby.

  3. Ahh Lakeside I pass by it quite frequently hahaha

    I would love to see the GW miniatures display

    1. Whoa! I thought you live at Tampines! Why are you so far to the west?

      Anyways, you are welcome to drop in anytime.

  4. I’d love to take a look at your display with all your painted models.

    Hmmm, did you say greyhunters’ butts? Haaha

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