Painting: What’s on my table 7th May 2011

What’s on my hobby table (WOMT) now?

I think it will be good if I post pictures on stuffs that is going on my painting table. So going to try to start this series where I will share what’s going on there. 😀

What I have are 2 squads of 5 man Blood Angels assault marines, some Tyranids Warriors at the back, and putting up twin linked plasma gun into my razorback turret.

I got myself 2 box of Death Company and it does have a lot of beautiful Blood Angels bits. So bling! Each model is unique and the shoulder pads are beautiful.

Next are Tyranids Warriors. Well, those are still WIP. Only sticked paulson games bone sword and lash whips on them.

My attempt at adding/converting twin linked lascannon into lascannon and twin linked plasma gun configuration. So far I have clip off 1 of barrel muzzle. Drilled holes into the barrel and fitted a magnet in. Glued another magnet to the lascannon barrel. Next I combined two plasma pistol and after careful alignment, glued magnet into the other end. Green stuff the ‘holes’ to make everything look good.

Now am waiting for everything to dry before I start painting. Oh yes, forgot to mention that I have also based all the models using prumice.