Which army to play?

So far I have prepared a few army that I own to participate in SporeCON 2011. Of the lists, Blood Angels seems the most competitive.

To update my army to be Blood Angels, I need to buy and paint 10 assault marines & 2 librarian furioso dreadnoughts. I have gotten 2 boxes of death company and waiting for my 2 box of furioso. Bad news is I have 2 weeks left and the furioso is MIA in transit.

Thus I may be forced to look at my next best list. Sigh.

Dark Angels?
Tau Empire?

Will spent the day looking over the missions and decide.


2 thoughts on “Which army to play?

  1. Dark angels are good, thunder hammer terminators with cyclone and FnP, supported by good efficient marine firepower can be devastating as my Dark Eldar recently found out.

    Tyranid can be fun, bit suffer with all it’s anti tank in few units. Tau just seem to suffer from having expensive vehicles, and only having suppression firepower against tanks outside railguns and light skimmers, which are both expensive and few in number.

    I vote Dark Angels.


  2. Tyranids!

    I think your list could be a little stronger by adding in a few more hive guard, potentially at the cost of your prime. I’d also put all the genestealers into one big unit. A unit of 20 does some pretty awesome things as long as they aren’t assaulting terminators…

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