WOMT: 19Jun2011

As most are aware of the new T&C GW has put on online stores in the UK regarding selling their goods outside Europe. In response, the stores gave higher discounts before June 2011 hits (when the law will start to apply). I took the plunge too and got myself 2 boxes of Ravenwing Battle force, 1 box of Assault Terminators and 1box of Razorback.

When it arrived about 3 weeks later… the Ravenwing Battle force gave me a big surprise! I have not seen a box so full of sprue!

The amount of Dark Angels stuff it contains is amazing! I took some time and assemble 1 battle force and the assault terminators.

Although it only have 1 sprue to make 1 Landspeeder, it gave enough extra bits to make 3!

Sgt in robes on bike. It is absolutely pretty! Check out the next biker with melta gun!

That melta gun is taken from Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought. It fits so nicely! (I understand ironclad dreadnought also has the same bit). Since I only have 2 and I need 6 total, I did a quick search on Ebay and secure another 4!

Now I’m left with building another Ravenwing battle force. Drill all the needed holes and start painting! Busy busy!

Before I forget, I still have 4 more Hive Guards incoming.