Books and more

About 3 weeks ago my wife and I walked in to a book store(Kinokunia) and I got myself 3 black library books. Falls of Damnos, Purging of Kallidus and Blood Angels omnibus.

I enjoyed all three books immensely.

Fall of Damnos is a war between Ultramarines and Necrons. This book offers insight to how Necron function and their army/empire/legion is structured. Best of all, this book offer some leaks on what the coming Necron codex might look like. A Tomb Spyder with more roles/ability? Different unique Necron Lords? Oh the possibilities! The ending is a bit abrupt though with neither Ultramarines or Necrons winning the war, but with just Ultramarines winning a major battle. From other sources I know that ultimately, Necrons won the planet.

This book is about Dark Angels and Orks. Story revolves around Captain Beliah while he is still Captain of 3rd Co. and how he defended against an Ork invasion by the notorious Warboss Ghazghkull. Story of valor, honor and sacrifice. How people rise to the occasion and inspire others to greater heights. Splendid book.

Lastly, Blood Angels omnibus. Story of how Chaos almost succeeded in turning one full company into Chaos. Their inner struggles and fight against the beast within them and the invisible hand that constantly tests their mind. Revolves around two brothers, Rafen and Arkio, and how Arkio was mysteriously changed into Sanguinius reborn! Rafen struggles to accept what he is witnessing while the brothers around Rafen accepts Arkio the Blessed, and slowly turned away from the doctrines laid by the Codex Astartes. I can almost feel the pain of Rafen as he grows in strength.

I really enjoyed reading these books. Makes me relate to the Space Marines that I played in a whole new level. No longer are my models just another model but perhaps there is a story behind every single one of them. My Necrons have also been injected with soul and I see them now in a clearer, better light.

I strongly encourage you to pick up a black library book.