Upgrading 2000 Points

When I first started playing warhammer 40K, games in Singapore were set ‘officially’ at 1500 points. With SporeCON it was raised to 1750 points. Now one of my local gaming club is organizing a tournament at 2000 points!

I am in the process of updating all my army list to include a 2000 points list. You can view my army lists with the link on main page.

Finally, warhammer 40k games will be more fun as now that it has come to 2000 points. Now comes herohammer!

6 thoughts on “Upgrading 2000 Points

    1. Haha. During SporeCON 2 judges are ALWAYS at his table! Anyways I am a passive member (sort of) and you could be too as long as you play there. I suppose it will be nearer next time as the funan store opens. This week is the last week that his club house is at his house,

  1. Wah, then next time you gonna come all the way here? Midpoint you already find it far for you liao, HAHA

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