Review: Necrons released 2011

Top of the current Warhammer 40,000 news is the released of the latest Necron codex in 5th edition rules set with 6th edition in mind.

If you have been following around the internet, there is already plenty of news of the new Necron units. They are also features in November 2011 White Dwarf. I am fortunate to flip through the codex at my local gaming store and spent some time looking deep in to the codex and this is what my initial thoughts.

I will not go into breaking down of each units as you can read it up yourself in the codex but instead I’ll share what I feel of the codex overall.

It is a bold move. An overhaul of the codex like what happened with Tyranids. The rules are pretty clear for Necrons, unlike Tyranids. There shouldn’t be any rule arguments. Clean and steamed line.

The special chars offers flavour and changes the game quite literally. I believe there will be no mono builds ever for Necrons.

The units are all pretty balanced. Anti tank and anti infantry weapons can be found across the whole organization chart. With the exception of close combat which is mostly concentrated in the elite slots. This is fine as Necrons are primary a shooty army.

Despite all the goodness, a weakness is still present in most of the Necron units – I2 with no Stubborn or Fearless USR. But Necrons are not defenseless to CC like before. There are units now that can counter-assault to make a difference.

In a nut shell, I am loving the new Necron codex. Play to Necrons strength in shooting and you should be fine. Infact I have already come up with my first army list (with mininum purchase required 😀 )