Armylist: Necron foot

Let me present my Necron foot list.

Legion of Grimcron – 1750pts

01 Necron Overlord (Warscythe, Res Orb, Phaeron)
05 Royal Council (04 Harbinger of Destruction – 01 Solar Pulse; 01 Harbinger of Despair – 01 Veil of Darkness)
01 Destroyer Lord (Warscythe, Mindshackles Scarabs)
01 C’tan Shard (Swarm of Spirit Dust, Writhing Worldscape)
10 Immortal (Gauss Blaster)
05 Warrior (Gauss Flayer)
05 Warrior (Gauss Flayer)
05 Warrior (Gauss Flayer)
05 Warrior (Gauss Flayer)
06 Canoptek Wraith (Whip Coil)
06 Canoptek Scarabs
06 Canoptek Scarabs
02 Tomb Spyder (01 Gloom Prism)

12KP, 1750pts.

Why no vehicles?

Firstly, the purpose of foot army is that I can field a Necron army now! I do not need to wait to assemble the new toys. Secondly, with the removal of WBB and its restrictions, all Necrons are able to ‘reanimate’ regardless of incoming weapon strength or AP value or anything, as long as the unit is not wipe.



2 thoughts on “Armylist: Necron foot

  1. Hey man, I guess the obvious question is, why no Worldscape?? I mean, seriously? It’s the single best C’Tan ability.

    I also think Heavy Destroyers are the second worst Fast Attack in the book, only superior to regular Destroyers, which are terrible. 😦

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