Army List: Foot Cron

Mark has arranged a game with me tomorrow and I have decided to use my Necrons to play against his Chaos Space Marines. A round 2 if I can say.

Not to tailor listing, I like to experiment on the angry earth list spin offs. I think that if the whole list is built around angry earth theme, it will not be a constant winning list. Thus I mix in other units as seen below.

01 Necron Overlord (Staff of Light, phearon, res orb)
01 Destroyer Lord (Warscythe, res orb)
05 Royal Court (01 HoT with veil of darkness, 04 HoD with solar pulse)
01 Ctan (swarm, worldscape)
10 Immortal (gauss)
05 Warrior
05 Warrior
05 Warrior
05 Warrior
05 Canoptek Wraiths(coil)
08 Canoptek Scarabs
08 Canoptek Scarabs
02 Canoptek Spyders

A Canoptek themed list! Looking forward to a fun game.

3 thoughts on “Army List: Foot Cron

  1. Nice list. I’ve played with a similar list (I had an extra immortal unit instead of the c’tan).

    Where is the destroyer lord going ? I think he is best with the wraiths but them the orb is not worth it because the wraiths do not have reanimation protocols. I’d also try to max the wraiths (probably best by losing the orb off the destroyer lord).

    Good luck for the game, and let us know how you get on.


    1. The destroyer lord will be attached to the wraiths. Wraith is already at max size of 5.

      On the way to work, I realize I should down size the scarabs to 6. With the points I can add 02 Annihilation barge.

      I will remember to write a battle report.

      1. Why take the res orb on the destroyer lord, when only he will benefit from it ? 30 pts to have a 1 in 6 better chance of him making his reanimation protocol roll seems a bit expensive.

        Also wraiths can be in units of 6 🙂

        Looking forward to the battle report.


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