Necrons lessons learned.

Been thinking about the last game I had and how I can improve my list.

Some observation
1. Scarabs are extremely effective against armor. Reducing armor value so much that even at str3 I am usually rolling to pen on 4+.
2. My small units of troops behind hardly contributed the whole game. Been afraid to get assaulted I placed them all the way behind, along the table edge to discourage battle cannon template.

3. Wraiths are incredible and they are priced about right. Unit of 6 with coils cost almost 300 points. A destroyer lord is a must to be with them to add power weapon. Failing str8 wounds on Wraiths hurts as it will outright kill it from instant death.
4. C’tan plays a good role of counter assault. Even while it only babysits my troops, it has a table wide effect with writhing worldscape ability which has an psychological effect on my opponent.
5. Tomb Spyders are not contributing much too. They only spawned scarabs on turn 1 and thats it. Next time, I will consider keeping Scarabs longer to let the Spyders swell the numbers up.

Changes to the list.
10 Immortals got reduced to 1 model in 1 volley of shooting(plasma cannan) is bad. To make my veiling unit more survivable, I will swap in Warrior for Immortals and see how it goes.
Like so:
20 Warriors (Gauss flayer)
05 Immortals (Gauss blaster)
05 Immortals (Gauss blaster)
05 Immortals (Gauss blaster)
05 Immortals (Gauss blaster)

There wont be any changes to the points as I am still fielding 20 Warriors and 20 Immortals.

I’m keeping gauss instead of tesla on Immortals because I want to be able to still threaten armor in addition to cryptek’s lance. Also because I can use back the Immortals I still have.

Hope I can get a game tomorrow to try the slight change in my army list.