SporeCon 2012 Day 1 Game 2

Having won the first game, I got match up against another vet Fabian who plays Dark Eldar. I have never met Fabian before. What a way to meet new friend!

Mission was modified objective playing with spearhead deployment. 3 objectives total, 1 in the middle and 2 outside the deployment zone. In addition, may deploy up to 1 HQ and 2 unit of TROOP during deployment phase. The remainder will be split equally into 2 halves. 1 half will comes in on turn turn while the 0ther half will be held in normal reserves. At the end of opponent turn, if your unit(who is not engaged in combat, not falling back) is touching the objective will earn 1 point.

This really gave a challenge to me on how to best play this mission. Prior the game, I have decided to deploy only 1 unit of Terminator. Deepstrike reserves the 3 units of Terminator, Deathwing assault on turn 1 with two units of Terminators. Using 3 units of Terminators to contest and control the objective nearest to the opponent. Use range on guard and deter the rest of the 2 objectives.

We shake hands, traded army list..

Dark Eldar
01 HQ with liquifier
03 trueborn (venom)
03 Trueborn (venom)
03 Trueborn (venom)
05 Warrior (transport)
05 Warrior (transport)
08 wytches (transport)
01 venom (03 poison weapon)
01 venom (03 poison weapon)
01 venom (03 poison weapon)
06 jump pack (ap2 gun)
01 Ravager (03 dark lance)
01 Ravager (03 dark lance)
01 Ravager (03 dark lance)

I’m not familiar with dark eldar as you can see. In fact, this is the first time I am playing against Dark Eldar.

Fabian only deployed 1 Warrior in transport.

Since I won the roll, I went first. Deploying the game plan I had made earlier, I deathwing assault near the top objective. Wrecks dark eldar transport with my missiles.

Come turn 2, everything came on except 1 landspeeder. Fortunately, Fabian’s army arrived mostly away from my Terminators except all those poison weapons. They forced a lot of armor saves on my Terminators over the course of 3 turns. Fortunately again, I am making my saves most of the time.

By turn 4, most of dark eldar forces are crippled or destroyed except the Ravagers. I lost a squad of tactical and razorback, 1 terminator squad. I am able to earn 5 salvage points to none by turn 6 and game ended. Overall, my plan worked.

Game 2 ended with 2 wins. I later found out that only 1 other player has won 2 games in a row. Naturally, I played him on Game 3. Tau Empire.


One thought on “SporeCon 2012 Day 1 Game 2

  1. Congrats on the win.

    Did you think your army was just a hard counter to the Dark Eldar, or did you think the Dark Eldar player could have played better. Looks like the Dark Eldar had quite a few Ap2 weapons (9 from the trueborn, 2 from the jump pack guys, and 9 from ravagers, makes 20 by my count, maybe more if the small warrior squads also had blasters).

    A quick help on the DE list;

    The HQ was probably a Haemonculus (I quess he started with a pain token and joined the wyches to give the whole unit Fell No Pain)

    The 3rd troop transport (for the wyches) would have to be a raider, as the venom only holds 5 models.

    The venom probably had 2 splinter cannons for weapons (that gives each vehicle 12 poison shots a turn)

    The jump pack squad are called Scourges, and their weapons were either dark lances (heavy weapon, str8, lance rule), blaster (same as dark lances, but 18” assault weapon), or heat lance (same as blaster, but str6 and meta rule).

    Looking forward to the battle against Tau


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