Spore 2012 end

Hi guys,

It has been almost a year since I last posted anything here. Where have I been? Computer games and MMORPG has taken up my hobby time and had no motivation to play Warhammer40k. Still made small purchases here and there to update my army. Have not missed any codex that was being released so I am still keeping myself updated to the Warhammer 40k news.

What happened to Spore2012?
I won 2nd place overall, losing by just 0.3 points. Won best sportsman and 2nd best painted army. An almost outstanding result but got really soiled by what has been going on behind the scenes. In short, the 40k tournament organizers fell out with the convention event organizers. There is much to be improve and much to be desired but still am appreciative and will continue to support the event.


Played 2 games recently and took pictures. I should be able to post them up within the next few days.
1st game: Dark Angels vs Orks
2nd game: Necrons vs Blood Angels