Death of Armor 11?

How many people still dare to field Rhinos? Landspeeders?
Not many from my observation.
Main reason why this is happening would be, easy VP give away for First Blood.

It is not possible to be able to hide your transport in every game due to terrain setup. Most games, you will be able to at least generate a cover save for your armor 11 transport.

In most games, flyers comes in and are probably in a good position to snipe at that transport while denying cover saves. If there isn’t a flyer, a Drop Pod with melta gun will do the same. If you have neither, you must be playing an older codex.

With this meta people are moving to another transport, Drop Pod. Almost all competitive Marine list in my gaming store are fielding Drop Pods. Primary because they deny giving first blood and has a good chance to get first blood instead!

How to counter this?

  1. A simple bubble wrap to deny 6″ double melta rolls, helps a little.
  2. Deploy wrap in cover to at least get saves from plasma guns, helps a little again.
  3. Reserve the Rhino/Razorback.
  4. Do not field Rhino/Razorback.

A blob is useful in situations like these. Rise of the blob. The ability to take 10+ plasma wounds and not break. The ability to deny sweet melta gun range. And lastly the ability to take assault charges. I am sure everybody knows about the blob.

Nonetheless it is good to be in a transport if you encounter The Heldrake. The best protection against this beast of a flyer is to be either in transport/building OR in combat.

Is it good to still field Rhino or Razorback?
That is for you to decide.

In summary, I notice these following meta in the current army list building.

  1. AV13 or higher for vehicles that are deployed
  2. At least 1 unit of blob

The old days of Take All Comers Lists are probably gone, or is it not?

PS: I have been getting easy VP from First Blood, if I go first and my opponent deploys armor11. Keke.


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