Painting: A new beginning

Grimcron Spraybooth

Hello everyone.

Lots of news and happenings from GW recently. Advancing the story with the fall of Cadia (if you have not know by now), the returning of Primarchs, it is an exciting time to be hanging around Warhammer 40k now. With releases of beautiful models I am looking forward to painting again!

The big news I want to share is… I bought myself an airbrush. A Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2 in 1 airbrush. Many has shared on various media that Iwata Eclipse and Badger Krome is THE airbrush they highly recommend but unfortunately I cannot get my hands on those locally because there isn’t any local dealer. I believe having easy access to replacement parts is important  (which I bet I will be needing soon) thus I went for the next best option. And now to finish painting my backlog of models!

Grimcron Air Compressor Grimcron Airbrush

More pictures of these lovely new blings.

Will share more pictures of models I have painted in 2016 at a later date when my photo booth from kickstarter arrives.

Current army I am working on:
Angels of Absolution (Dark Angels)

  • Razorbacks – 5x
  • Dev squad w/ Grav & Lascannon – 10x
  • Chaplain on bike – 2x
  • Librarians on bike – 3x
  • Black Knights – 3x
  • Dreadnoughts – 3x

Farsight Enclave

  • Coldstar commander
  • Ghostkeel – 1x
  • Stealth Suits – 5x

Imperial Knights

  • Addition of weapon options – 2x

What are your plans for 2017?

Happy Chinese New Year and have a great weekend!