Painting: Angels of Absolution

With the addition of a new painting tool “Airbrush”, the quality and speed of work has improved. Feast upon your eyes!

Drop Pods

I am glad that I was able to paint in parts first than assemble the Drop Pods. It is fun to fix up the Drop Pod. I like how the overall colors are implemented.


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Razorback number IV to VIII reporting from the armory!

Airbrush resulted in a very uniform paint on the Razorback. I am frankly not used to seeing such clean paint works. Haha. Using GW: Seraphim Sepia wash I apply it to all edges etc.

Devastator Squad

This squad has been sitting on my painting table for 6 months. What a relief to finally have it painted and ready for the table top.

Tactical Squad

I only painted the Sergeant and Plasma Gun Space Marines. These should be enough to supplement my current Tactical Squads




I am very happy with the results. This will complete my Lion’s Blade formation. Now to get some games in before 8th Edition drop.