Painting: Farsight Enclaves – Stormsurge


Oh yeah. A pair of Stormsurges painted and ready to show the pain!

A showcase of each Stormsurge.


The main guns are interchangeable. I did not glue it, just a plug out and plug in.


Tried the tone spraying on the Stormsurge and it is looking great! Natural shading done. Have not dare to go bold with drastic contrast of colors that airbrush can do. Like those with very obvious highlightings… maybe next time.

I purchased 2 pilot cockpit cover from Shapeways. The 3D printed plastic is a great addition but both were slightly warp and wont fit snug. I just used super glue to force it to shape. Hope it would not give way in the future.

Would I lose friends with fielding a pair of Stormsurge?


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