Painting: A new beginning

Hello everyone. Lots of news and happenings from GW recently. Advancing the story with the fall of Cadia (if you have not know by now), the returning of Primarchs, it is an exciting time to be hanging around Warhammer 40k now. With releases of beautiful models I am looking forward to painting again! The big […]

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WOMT: 19Jun2011

As most are aware of the new T&C GW has put on online stores in the UK regarding selling their goods outside Europe. In response, the stores gave higher discounts before June 2011 hits (when the law will start to apply). I took the plunge too and got myself 2 boxes of Ravenwing Battle force, […]

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WOMT: 22 May 2011

    Another What’s on my table post. As I am preparing for the annual Singapore Gaming Convention, which is one week away, I have to finish painting up my outstanding models to qualify. On my table are 10 assault marines, 2 librarian furioso dreadnoughts and 5 thunderhammers’ terminators. I do not need to get the […]

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Game Science Dice

My order of Game Science dice has arrived! Woohoo! After inking the dice with a black art pen, I did some rolling with it. Well, they feel good although I expect the dice to be heavier. Hope they will serve me well and roll true from this day onwards! In another news, I finally got […]

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