Death of Armor 11?

How many people still dare to field Rhinos? Landspeeders? Not many from my observation. Main reason why this is happening would be, easy VP give away for First Blood. It is not possible to be able to hide your transport in every game due to terrain setup. Most games, you will be able to at […]

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Spore 2012 end

Hi guys, It has been almost a year since I last posted anything here. Where have I been? Computer games and MMORPG has taken up my hobby time and had no motivation to play Warhammer40k. Still made small purchases here and there to update my army. Have not missed any codex that was being released […]

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SporeCon 2012 Day 1 Game 2

Having won the first game, I got match up against another vet Fabian who plays Dark Eldar. I have never met Fabian before. What a way to meet new friend! Mission was modified objective playing with spearhead deployment. 3 objectives total, 1 in the middle and 2 outside the deployment zone. In addition, may deploy […]

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Sporecon 2012 Day 1 game 1

Day 1 ended and 2 games were played. Another 2 games on sunday. There is 14 participants this year. A rather low turn out. I suspect this is because the games were 2000 points, previous years was 1750, and the rules pack came out last week. This hasn’t give most people time to build their […]

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Sporecon 2012 pregame

I am on my way to the annual Sporecon to participate in 40k tournament. In an hour, the first dice will start rolling. Last night I am still rushing the paint works. It’s still ¬†incomplete but will meet the min requirements for the tournament. Hope I will have a good time and have some good […]

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Necrons lessons learned.

Been thinking about the last game I had and how I can improve my list. Some observation 1. Scarabs are extremely effective against armor. Reducing armor value so much that even at str3 I am usually rolling to pen on 4+. 2. My small units of troops behind hardly contributed the whole game. Been afraid […]

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