Books and more

About 3 weeks ago my wife and I walked in to a book store(Kinokunia) and I got myself 3 black library books. Falls of Damnos, Purging of Kallidus and Blood Angels omnibus. I enjoyed all three books immensely. Fall of Damnos is a war between Ultramarines and Necrons. This book offers insight to how Necron […]

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WOMT: 22 May 2011

    Another What’s on my table post. As I am preparing for the annual Singapore Gaming Convention, which is one week away, I have to finish painting up my outstanding models to qualify. On my table are 10 assault marines, 2 librarian furioso dreadnoughts and 5 thunderhammers’ terminators. I do not need to get the […]

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Game Science Dice

My order of Game Science dice has arrived! Woohoo! After inking the dice with a black art pen, I did some rolling with it. Well, they feel good although I expect the dice to be heavier. Hope they will serve me well and roll true from this day onwards! In another news, I finally got […]

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SporeCON 2011: Armylist part 5

Thought I am done making list, right? Ha… now for something using Blood Angels codex. Strike Force: 2 plus 2 HQ 01 Librarian (Force Weapon/Bolt Pistol, Psychic Hood, The Blood Lance, The Shield of Sanguinius) ELITE 01 Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (Blood Fist/Storm Bolter,  Force Weapon, Psychic Hood, The Blood Lance, Wings of Sanguinius) 01 Furioso […]

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Army list: Blood Angels 2nd attempt

After receiving valuable advise, my second attempt at Blood Angels. HQ 01 Librarian (Force Weapon/Bolt Pistol, Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius) TROOP 4×05 Assault Marines (01 Melta Gun, Removed Jump Packs) 4×01 Razorback (TL Assault Cannon, Dozerblade) 2×05 Assault Marines (01 Flamer, Removed Jump Packs) 2×01 Razorback (TL Lascannon) FAST ATTACK 2×01 Baal Predator (TL […]

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