Books and more

About 3 weeks ago my wife and I walked in to a book store(Kinokunia) and I got myself 3 black library books. Falls of Damnos, Purging of Kallidus and Blood Angels omnibus. I enjoyed all three books immensely. Fall of Damnos is a war between Ultramarines and Necrons. This book offers insight to how Necron […]

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Army list: Double Aegis

With the news of big online stores no longer able to sell GW products outside europe, many of us including myself grabbed as much as we can. I got myself 2 ravenwing battle force amongst a few others. So now that I soon will have some bikes, I need to come up with an army […]

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SporeCON 2011: Armylist part 3

One of the things I noticed with my previous list was that as the Deathwing Terminators is moving up the board, my bunker Rhino with multi-melta which is trailing behind, can’t fire its’ heavy weapon every turn. With moving 6″ every turn in mind, a Razorback will do a better job contributing firepower every turn. […]

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Doubles Tourney warmup match

Just finish the tourney earlier. The tournament requires each player to field 1k points of army, combine force organization with each player fielding 1HQ 2TROOP compulsory. I match up with Stanley. He wanted to field his newly acquired Chaos Marines, so I complimented his Chaos army by using Dark Angels. In which I rename my […]

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Dark Angels vs Space Marines

We all read from forums and blogs how Dark Angels fail in comparison to Space Marines codex. Recently, I found a few pros over the many cons which I like to share. Dark Angels scouts pawns Space Marines scouts every day. BS4 vs BS3 makes all the difference. The only thing going for Space Marines […]

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