Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Necrons

Played a small game quite some time back. Hook up a game with Tank against his Ultramarines. Playing 1k points. Tank’s Ultramarines HQ 01 Librarian (Terminator, Force Weapon/Storm bolter, Gate of infinity, Vortex of doom) ELITE 05 Terminator (05 Storm bolter/Power fist, 01 Cyclone missile launcher) 05 Terminator (05 Thunder hammer/Storm shield) TROOP 10 Tactical […]

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Battle Report: Necron vs Chaos

Another clash happened today when Necrons met Chaos on the battle field. This is the first time Chaos army has seen Necrons and they have no idea what is going to happen. Chaos Roster 01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanash, Winged, Lash of submission) 01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanash, Winged, Lash of submission) 03 […]

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Necron army list

This is my Necron army list at 1750points. Legion of Grimcron HQ 01 Overlord (Warscythe, Phearon, Resurrection Orb) 01 Destroyer Lord (Warscythe) 05 Royal Court (04 HoDestruction w/ 01 Solar Pulse, 01 HoDespair w/ Veil of Darkness) ELITE 01 C’tan Shard (Pyreshards, Writhing Worldscape) TROOP 20¬†Warrior (Gauss Flayer) 05 Immortal (Gauss Blaster) 05 Immortal (Gauss […]

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SporeCon 2009 – Game 3

This is the last game of the tournament. Opponent Army: Blood Angels Mission: Secure and Control Deployment: Pitch Battle Special Scenario: Can’t remember Blood Angels Roster 01 Roharn aka Dante 01 High Sanguinary Priest Darius aka Corbulo 08 Death Co Marines (Jump Packs) 08 Veteran Assault Marines (Jump Packs) 05 Assault Marines in Rhino (Pintle […]

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SporeCon ’09 Game2

This is a long time coming. I have been reluctant to write game 2 as this is quite a disappointing game to me. My opponent gave up on the game before we even played. Army: Necron vs Imperial Guards Necron Roster 01 Nightbringer 10 Immortal 10 Immortal 10 Warrior 10 Warrior 01 Monolith 01 Monolith […]

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