Sporecon 2012 pregame

I am on my way to the annual Sporecon to participate in 40k tournament. In an hour, the first dice will start rolling. Last night I am still rushing the paint works. It’s still ¬†incomplete but will meet the min requirements for the tournament. Hope I will have a good time and have some good […]

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SporeCON 2010 pre-game

Today is 3rd June 2010. How fast time flies. Soon it will be the annual SporeCon 2010, Singapore’s only annual gaming convention. This year’s Warhammer 40K tournament is doubles and I am fortunate to find a wonderful partner to participate. We will be playing Chaos Marines and Space Marines. We are called CHAOS THEORY. Yeah, […]

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Angels have fallen

Found my partner to participate in this year’s SporeCon Warhammer 40K tournament. He wants to play Chaos Space Marines. After much thoughts, I decided to use my Angels of Absolution to compliment his Chaos Marines. Tyranids probably need a partner who has good firepower to destroy any and all armor at range, than Tyranids can […]

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SporeCon 2009 – Game 3

This is the last game of the tournament. Opponent Army: Blood Angels Mission: Secure and Control Deployment: Pitch Battle Special Scenario: Can’t remember Blood Angels Roster 01 Roharn aka Dante 01 High Sanguinary Priest Darius aka Corbulo 08 Death Co Marines (Jump Packs) 08 Veteran Assault Marines (Jump Packs) 05 Assault Marines in Rhino (Pintle […]

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SporeCon ’09 Game2

This is a long time coming. I have been reluctant to write game 2 as this is quite a disappointing game to me. My opponent gave up on the game before we even played. Army: Necron vs Imperial Guards Necron Roster 01 Nightbringer 10 Immortal 10 Immortal 10 Warrior 10 Warrior 01 Monolith 01 Monolith […]

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