Sporecon 2012 Day 1 game 1

Day 1 ended and 2 games were played. Another 2 games on sunday. There is 14 participants this year. A rather low turn out. I suspect this is because the games were 2000 points, previous years was 1750, and the rules pack came out last week. This hasn’t give most people time to build their […]

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Sporecon 2012 pregame

I am on my way to the annual Sporecon to participate in 40k tournament. In an hour, the first dice will start rolling. Last night I am still rushing the paint works. It’s still ¬†incomplete but will meet the min requirements for the tournament. Hope I will have a good time and have some good […]

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WIP: Tervigon

Firstly I like to apologize for the lack of any updates. Work has been unforgiving and taking up my time. Fortunately, that is over and my work has return to normal work loads. Recently GW released models from Tyranids and Space Wolves which I am sure everybody is aware by now. I bought 2 Tervigon/Tyrannofex […]

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Rethinking about Deathwing

I have been playing a double wing Dark Angels and I like to share my thoughts on it. The list is 01 Master Deathwing 01 Master Ravenwing in Landspeeder 05 Deathwing Terminator w CML 05 Deathwing Terminator w CML 05 Deathwing Terminator w CML 03 Ravenwing Bikes w 02 Melta + 01 Attk Bike w […]

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