WIP: Tervigon

Firstly I like to apologize for the lack of any updates. Work has been unforgiving and taking up my time. Fortunately, that is over and my work has return to normal work loads. Recently GW released models from Tyranids and Space Wolves which I am sure everybody is aware by now. I bought 2 Tervigon/Tyrannofex […]

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WIP: Hive Guard

Tyranids newest favorite unit in 5th edition codex, the Hive Guards. Got myself 4 of these beasties and allow me to share with you how I go about getting it from blister to gaming table. After I remove the metal pieces off the the package, I removed all flesh and molding lines with a metal […]

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WIP: Harpy

This is my attempt at making Tyranid Harpy. This is my old Sniperfex which I am using to convert. I got myself a pair of wings made by Ultraforge. Instead of saying a ton of words, let the pictures do the talking. Cheers.

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WIP: Mycetic Spore, Termagant

Mycetic Spore Decided to build myself some Mycetic Spores so I walked into an art supply store to look for suitable material. Bought myself 02 quite hard styrofoam egg shaped and 02 circlet. The idea was to have the egg shaped styrofoam to be the actual mycetic spore and the circlet as the earth that […]

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